How many is half a billion

Did you know that there are half a billion people (or perhaps more accurately computers) on this planet with Shockwave installed? Really, the current Shockwave user base is larger than 500 million and growing. It got me thinking about the size of that number. Its one of those too large to visualize numbers.

If each one paid you 2$ US you’d be a billionaire. There are approximately one and two thirds players installed for every person in North America. There are about enough for every two persons in India to share one. In fact, there are about enough for every 12 people on the planet to share 1. That means there are so many installed copies of Shockwave, that there is essentially 1 for every 12 people.

I wonder how that compares to televisions? Other software applications? It would make a fascinating graph wouldn’t it? I’d like to see it done in Shockwave – perhaps Shockwave 3D. In fact, I’d be happy to give the first person to send me one … lol (nah, I’m not promising any more beers.)