Phoenix Rising: The Director Podcast is coming back baby!

If you haven’t gotten down to that funky beat you haven’t really celebrated the magic which is the Director Podcast. MagicGate’s Director Podcast is a celebration of all things Director. The entire community mourned when the podcast stopped appearing at the start of 2007 and one of the first things on my mind when I started serving as Director Evangelist was getting Skip Kimpel to re-establish the coolest Podcast in his arsenal.

I’m thrilled to report that Skip confirmed today that the Director Podcast will return to service in a matter of days. Its the perfect chance to download any back issues you may have missed and get caught up as Skip revamps the format and preps the podcast for its reintroduction to the community.

Skip said that he is still inundated with constant requests for new editions of the podcast every week and that he’s thrilled to be able to roll the production back into action in celebration of the upcoming release of Director’s new version from Adobe. As most folks know the Director / Shockwave FAQ is reporting that the announcement will come next month – which means the launch must be soon thereafter.

I’m personally thrilled to see this Podcast returning to service, yet another sign of Director’s growing momentum as we build toward the launch of the next version. Adobe Director users have often been working with this amazing engine for nearly 20 years and they are generally very excited that Adobe is releasing a new version of Director. The release couldn’t come soon enough for hungry developers and authors anxious to port projects to the rumoured new operating systems.

So welcome back Skip! We’ve all missed you. I can’t wait to see what mysteries you have in store for us.