Who’s Using Shockwave 3D?

Steve Becerra and the Mockworld team have a very thorough list on Shockwave3D.com http://www.shockwave3d.com of companies using Shockwave (specifically Shockwave 3D) to promote their products, entertain their customers and build their businesses.

Mockworld is the team that brought us Kilroy http://www.mockworld.com/games/demo.cfm?id=kilroy2 If you haven’t known the thrill of fending off an attack from the blue blooded dog-monstors and dino-critters in this post-apocolyptic junkyard then you haven’t really known the joy of Shockwave 3D.

The great thing about the list Mockworld provides is that it not only identifies the companies making Shockwaves, it contains direct links to many of the games. Some I had never seen before. I of course had to run through the Disney Pirate3Dhead experience.


Here I am once converted to a pirate by this really amusing combined online and offline Director / Shockwave application. You have to experience conversion to pirate – its hysterical and liberating!