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New Director Tutorials resource goes online

I just heard from Dean Utian who has launched a new website The site leverages years of Dean’s collected knowledge on Director and features a host of very valuable tutorials along with really useful links from around the web. Dean has collected an amazing array of information that Director/Shockwave developers from beginning to advanced will find terrifically useful.

It’s a definite first stop when you’re looking for anything from a how-to tutorial to that link you can’t remember how to find. Extremely well organized and thorough, it is a great collection of all things Director and sure to be a hit. Thanks Dean as always, your contributions to the community are worthy of praise indeed.

GDC and the Director Announcement

Well it’s official, on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at GDC, Director 11 was announced. The announcement featured a demo of a really unbelievably cool game by Lucas Meijer and the Artplant team that features BMX Bike racing across a series of terrains. The new physics look good and the graphics in the game are especially nice.

The news was pretty extensively covered. I’ve included links to the various articles and blogs below.


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The Director Podcast, iPhones, and Air

I’m back in San Francisco, and thrilled to find that the Director Podcast is in fact back. Skip emailed me to tell me that there had been over 1400 downloads in the first 24 hours. Honestly, how many software packages have theme songs and podcasts?

Rumors are swimming about Director. I heard whispers all over the plane. One kid ran up to me pointing and shouting ‘Look mommy its that Director Preacher!’ Needless to say I was totally flattered. After I slipped the kid a 20 I sat down to watch Wired Science on my iPhone. That’s right, I did it. I bought the iPhone. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t been happier with a tech-purchase since my blue clamshell ibook. Man I loved that thing. That was the first Mac I ran D8.5 on. You may bow your head in reverence when I mention 8.5.

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