Director 11 Released!

Well its been chaos for me the past couple of weeks as Director 11 hit the shelves and people finally got a chance to see the application running natively on Mactel computers and Vista. (Believe it or not I’m equally swamped with work on D-Next and have been answering literally hundreds of emails daily – working with the tech support team and continuing work on PR – so it’s been a wild ride lately.)

I wanted to post tho as there have been many request for a more detailed list of the many legacy bugs that were adresseed in D11 and I wanted to share them here. Click the extended entry to see the list – enjoy!

There is a technote of these coming – and they aren’t the only fixes – but i know it helps to know what got cleaned up, so here’s the hot list of the biggest ones.

The following legacy issues were all FIXED in Director 11 Legacy Issues Fixed
FIXED ** 1 Shockwave freezes in Firefox after some operations ** FIXED
FIXED ** 2 Sound is not playing properly in some 3D games. It crashes in some instances. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 3 Projector crashes when we minimize the projector window while the dissolve pattern transition is being played. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 4 Audio compression settings not stored with the movie ** FIXED
FIXED ** 5 Cut, Copy, Paste & Undo are not working in Projector Message Window in Mac ** FIXED
FIXED ** 6 Director crashes on importing PSD file ** FIXED
FIXED ** 7 Director crashes when voiceSpeak() is used to speak out a string repeatedly for more than 255 times. It crashes exactly at 255. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 8 When we insert an animated GIF, the filename and path is not retained in the animated gif dialog. Thus when we make changes and press OK, its asking for the file again. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 9 File gets created even on cancelling export operation and also unwanted dialog box appears ** FIXED
FIXED ** 10 Exporting a movie and pressing Cancel for rewrite of original file, corrupts the same. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 11 In Mac If we publish DCR and HTML files into different folders, nothing comes in the Browser when someone plays the HTML file. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 12 Director crashes when text is entered in the paint window for larger font sizes ** FIXED
FIXED ** 13 Director crashes when we click on Options button in ‘Export’ dialog and change the positions of the slider for Quality ** FIXED
FIXED ** 14 Director crashes when we export any movie with linked sound file ** FIXED
FIXED ** 15 When we select a sprite on the score and use Ctrl+down/up arrow to change its position on the score, its position on the stage also changes ** FIXED
FIXED ** 16 Find is not getting enabled the first time we open the media editor by double clicking on the text cast member. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 17 Shortcut to Find again is not working when we deselect the text and try. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 18 Director crashes when we try to double click on the custom cursor created. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 19 In Mac Scroll bar for ‘selected files list’ is not working in choose files to update box when few movies are added for upgradation. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 20 In Mac Remove button is not working in Update box , to remove movies added to upgrade. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 21 Director Application crashes after quiting when External cast library is opened. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 22 Director crashes on the Export Dialog Box when we change format to quicktime, click on options and then click OK button ** FIXED
FIXED ** 23 Director crashes while exporting a director movie as quicktime(.mov). After the crash it does not allow us to save the movie even after it throws up a dialog box which says Save before Exit ** FIXED
FIXED ** 24 When media type AVI is on stage , moving stage’s scroll bar will cause AVI member to stop while playing and there is serious redraw issue. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 25 Crash is happening while tried to change location of DVD asset to some invalid location. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 26 Shift key not working properly on Mac-Tel ** FIXED
FIXED ** 27 Director crashes on skewing paint to a large extent ** FIXED
FIXED ** 28 Director crashes on moving the text box containing long string in the paint window ** FIXED
FIXED ** 29 Director crashes on entering very long string in paint window ** FIXED
FIXED ** 30 Movie rate comes down to 20 or less fps from 30fps when inline double byte characters are being typed or deleted.The movie crashes 25 percent of the times when we keep pressing a double byte character. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 31 On MacIntel, when the External Editor feature of Director is used to edit a bitmap file on Fireworks 8 (or 9), the changes done in Fireworks does not get reflected in Director. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 32 [XDK] IMoaDrCast::DuplicateCastMem() returns incorrect value ** FIXED
FIXED ** 33 Serious redraw occurs when we close the score when in TabMax and open it when in full screen. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 34 Cuepointnames and cuepointtimes are not displayed in the PI.Only the tooltip appears. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 35 In Mac when we try to export a saved movie in any format, the name for the exported file comes as .mov or .avi. The .dir shouldn’t be included. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 36 Scroll bars of ‘selected files list’ is not working on the import dialog box ** FIXED
FIXED ** 37 In Mac Serious redraw occurs when we maximize the cast window in the Director 8 panel set. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 38 In XDK Most of the callback interface functions are not handling NULL argument and are crashing director ** FIXED
FIXED ** 39 In Mac Text is entered in the text/field cast member added even though focus is not there ** FIXED
FIXED ** 40 line..of method is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 41 In Mac when the export operation is in progress (eg. export of movie as avi) clicking cancel doesn’t halt the operation. Instead, it continues till completion. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 42 Exported file is not proper if you export a director file having pict,swf, psd etc files as an AVI ** FIXED
FIXED ** 43 In shockwave netStatus command is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 44 setposition() method of fileIO xtra is not working correctly ** FIXED
FIXED ** 45 readtoken( )’ method of FileIO xtra is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 46 In Import dialog box, if a file name is entered in the text field and Import button is clicked, the file doesn’t get imported. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 47 Director crashes when we open a movie which had a conversion of a string(length more than 256 chars) into a symbol. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 48 In Mac when we try to create any flash component on stage, they are not visible unless we click on the stage once again after they are created. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 49 Using SetVariable am not able to set the value of a global variable ** FIXED
FIXED ** 50 In Mac Real media videos have stopped working in Director. For real media sprites, we get an alert saying real player needed… ** FIXED
FIXED ** 51 Director crashes on using Newobject ** FIXED
FIXED ** 52 In Mac when RGB is selected as the color mode and we choose a palette, we find that the color palette doesn’t reflect any of the changes. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 53 Lingo: List comparison causes director to crash ** FIXED
FIXED ** 54 In Mac Intel, long file names are not imported as they are. They are changed to a format where after 5 or 6 characters, the rest of the name is converted to ‘#’ followed by 4 numbers. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 55 In Mac Director crashes on running movie with wrong script ** FIXED
FIXED ** 56 In Mac we are unable to remove files from the import list once we have done ADD ALL. ** FIXED FIXED ** 57 In Mac Director crashes on closing DVD editor window with DVD inserted ** FIXED
FIXED ** 58 Lingo command put the abbreviated date changes the windows explorer date format in WindowsXP Japanese Language ** FIXED
FIXED ** 59 Browser dependencies movie not working in MacIntel, MacPPC, Win-Firefox – only working in windows IE. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 60 When we click on the colors in the custom color palette, its not getting reflected in the color palette of Paint. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 61 In Using ReadWord() Lingo Function- The last word in a line along with the new line character and the next word is taken as one word. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 62 _movie.puppetTransition() and puppetTransition() functions behaving inconsistently ** FIXED
FIXED ** 63 In Find cast member dialog, the cast member names and cast names are not properly demarcated. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 64 When line size is changed from the property inspector the effect is not visible on the sprite. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 65 Director crashes when modifying the castMemberList property of a cursor cast member ** FIXED
FIXED ** 66 Director hangs and crashes when we press a key while an item is hilighted on the list box flash component ** FIXED
FIXED ** 67 When we give Quicktime movie options and click on Cancel, while exporting application crashes. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 68 IE 7 crashes when we publish the bug movie as HTML and navigate between the URL’sAI ** FIXED
FIXED ** 69 Bad redraw on the stage while selecting sprites on the stage after playing the movie. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 70 Director crashes when assigning non-bitmap mask to a quicktime sprite ** FIXED
FIXED ** 71 When we publish a Windows Projector from Mac, some of the linked AVI files do not show up in the Windows projector when played on Windows. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 72 Director crashes on entering sprite name for text sprite ** FIXED
FIXED ** 73 A Quicktime movie when rotated while playing appears in 2 or more frames at the same time resulting in an incorrect behaviour. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 74 Director Crashes : Selecting a pattern for airbrush and drawing using the airbrush, results in a crash on closing the paint window and reopening it. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 75 Date Chooser- is not working properly on mac. The Properties like disabling and convertion of day from names to number is not working. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 76 External cast members are not displayed in the projector unless we create a CXT out of them and put them in the same directory as the projector. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 77 In Mac when stage and score are docked together, mouseup script(not associated with any sprite) is executed, even when we click on score ** FIXED
FIXED ** 78 On giving invalid values(eg. 1234567 for spread) to the gradient parameters(spread, angle, xoffset etc) for vector shapes, the parameters are not accepting keyboard inputs. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 79 Director crashes when a big arc is drawn in the paint window. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 80 Flash Component – Text Input Box( Can enter Text even after the field is disabled) ** FIXED
FIXED ** 96 _system.memorySize property doesn’t work on macintosh ** FIXED
FIXED ** 97 TGA compressor is not available on Macintosh for QT export ** FIXED
FIXED ** 98 Exporting as PICT on macintosh is not adding correct filename extension. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 99 The cursor is causing redraw issues on the text which is made italic. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 100 ‘Add All’ button in the Import dialog is getting enabled only after we select a file. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 101 In Mac Last row of pattern settings dialog box from Paint window is displayed as blank ** FIXED
FIXED ** 102 Preload field for a cast member is not displaying correctly under property inspector window in Mac- Intel ** FIXED
FIXED ** 103 In Mac Unable to import files from internet ** FIXED
FIXED ** 104 The import of video files(mov, avi) from internet is not happening ** FIXED
FIXED ** 105 In the browse window of Animated GIF dialog box (Insert Menu->Media Element) click cancel with the text field empty. Choose file dialog props up. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 106 In Mac when QT member is placed on stage, cmd-shift and click on sound controller pushbutton does not offer override volume range. Also option+RIGHT/Left pushbutton of controller is not working as per expected [fast forward/backward] on satge. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 107 In Mac we are not able to copy or cut QT movie by shift-select using controller bar. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 108 Lingo.ini does not get executed on MacIntel. It may or may not have unicode names.Even Placing it from Configuration folder
to Adobe Director folder does not help. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 109 memberObjRef.move() function does not move the cast member from one cast library to another ** FIXED
FIXED ** 110 3D sprites do not appear in the image file that is published through Director. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 111 Error pops up while trying to change the name of a cast member using JavaScript. This happens when the button in the movie has
more than one behaviour attached to it ** FIXED
FIXED ** 112 Export of current frame as BMP replaces wrong file ** FIXED
FIXED ** 113 In Mac tracking freebytes fails ** FIXED
FIXED ** 114 In Mac when we uncheck the show stage scrollbars in the general preferences and then go to window>Panle Sets> Default. Redraw
issue occurs with the stage. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 115 In Script and Message Windows, Lingo popdown menu (Categorized Lingo) working incorrectly for all ImageObject functions.
The code snippet is incorrect ** FIXED
FIXED ** 116 Shadow image appears in the middle of the script editor on duplicating a script using Ctrl+D ** FIXED
FIXED ** 117 Director crashes on Inserting a gif file from the Animated GIF dialog box (Insert Menu->Media Elements) ** FIXED
118 The Colors in the tool palette are not coming to the previous colors chosen, when we change the color in paint or vector and then come back to stage. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 119 In the dictionary support of script window, some example text has extra unnecessary braces. (eg. 3d Lingo/Javascript >>Member –
Sprite >> addCamera) ** FIXED
FIXED ** 120 A dependent file cannot be added by typing the file path and clicking on Add button. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 121 newColorRatio() method does not produce appropriate error messages when invalid values are passed as arguments. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 122 Execution of the lingo script castLib(1).selection = [ [ -10, 10] ] makes Director hang ** FIXED
FIXED ** 123 Tabbed view of Stage and Score is lost when publishing an image file(JPG file) ** FIXED
FIXED ** 124 In Mac Shockwave not working in Firefox ** FIXED
FIXED ** 125 Flash Component – DateChooser – monthNames property is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 126 Flash Component – DateChooser – dayNames property is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 127 DateChooser Component — disabledDays property is not working ** FIXED
FIXED ** 129 Flash Component- Combo Box( The Visible- Invisible) Property doesnt work Properly. ** FIXED
FIXED ** 130 Remove button not highlighted when any particular file is selected in Open dialog box which appears on clicking Add Dependent files button ** FIXED