Beers with Chris at one of London’s oldest pubs?

Okay, I’ve been neglecting this post for ages. One of the most endearing and intelligent connections I’ve made via Adobe is to Chris Brannigan. Chris and Graham Duncan run Caspian Learning, a genuinely amazing company that can literally put out a 3D game in under 2 weeks. What’s all the more stunning is that they’ve built a widget allowing kids to do the same – though perhaps not at the same quality levels, still absolutely astonishing work is coming from kids all over Europe using the tools Caspian has created.

Take a look at this You Tube Video to get a sense of the power behind this little engine. Caspian extended Director and Shockwave using a custom xtra, and integrated it with a proprietary authoring platform. The result is a core game engine that plays in Shockwave for various clients. It means that Caspian can create very sophisticated 3D simulations for training and development, eLearning and so on all with a minimum of time and energy upfront. While many simulation development companies are building worlds for 5-10 million, Caspian can deliver for a fraction of that.

Their efforts are noteworthy and really tremendous graphically as well. Consider for example this recent history title. The Rome Game provides learners with access to tremendous information about Rome, and presents it in a genuinely fun and engaging way.

In fact Rajnish and I encountered amazing projects like this all over the UK. The Serious Games Institute in Coventry is doing some very interesting work, while incubating a number of related small businesses. Various state agencies, private firms and businesses in London are all also engaged in the field. Mal Duffin, just offshore is delivering some spectacular titles via CanDo games for the Irish government, so the short answer to why we were there, is that eLearning and virtual worlds – like MMO’s are really starting to become mainstream. And Shockwave is the obvious powerhouse choice to deliver them to the broadest possible audience.