Tabuleiro Announces OPENSMUS!

Tabuleiro, long time Director & Shockwave Xtras developer and Distributor Announced today the release of OPENSMUS – an open source Shockwave Multiuser server based on the very popular Nebulae server. The server allows seamless integration with Director and Shockwave projects using the Multiuser Xtra to create networking projects. Announced as a gift to the community, the project stands to be enormously popular as it will both facilitate community development and will enable many companies creating MMO’s and other Web 2.0 Social Networking projects to easily create customized server solutions.

Mauricio Piacentini of Tabuleiro made the annoucement today on Direct-L and other listserves. His announcement follows;

I am very pleased to announce the release of OpenSMUS. It is a fully
open-source multiuser server, compatible with the SMUS protocol.

Direct link to the project pages at SourceForge:

Source code is available, as well as compiled packages and full
documentation. The code was open sourced under a liberal MIT license, which
allows both open source and commercial development.

OpenSMUS is the successor to our Nebulae server, and the initial release is
based on the latest version of Nebulae, 2.0.1, incorporating almost 8 years
of development history. It is being offered as a gift to the Director and
Shockwave developer community, a thank-you for the almost 14 years of
support we have received from this group. But it is not only that: it is
also an experiment on using open source processes for collaborative
development in our community: Robert Wahlstedt has already joined the
project, and I am inviting other multiuser developers to join us as well. By
experimenting with this I hope we can produce even more shared code and
knowledge, and maybe find a way to make these efforts sustainable.

Of course, we will continue to support the hundreds of commercial customers
of Nebulae, which is still available for those that prefer a product with
commercial support. And now they have full access to the source code, which
is something most people wanted. In the future we will be also offering
commercial support to OpenSMUS, including custom coding and consulting, if
there is demand for it.

Happy new year, and I hope this one will bring more goodies to us!

Mauricio Piacentini

During the past couple of months i have witnessed absolutely contagious enthusiasm about the progress on the Director Shockwave front. This sort of benevolence from longstanding community members has become a more and more regular event and I cannot begin to express how great these efforts are for Director and Shockwave.

The OPENSMUS project now joins Thomas Westin’s FLIP project (creating an opensource common library of Lingo) in recent SourceForge projects focused on Director Shockwave Development.