Director 11.5 Released

Adobe tonight announced immediate availability of Director 11.5, and Shockwave 11.5. The upgrade comes less than a year after the release of Director 11, and is the second major release of Director from Adobe. Shockwave is sounding cooler than ever with brand new 5.1 surround sound in Director / Shockwave 11.5. The multimedia update introduced at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) today, brings streaming 5.1 audio, an all new sound engine capable of lightening fast playback of hundreds of simultaneous sounds over 16 amazing channels each capable of playing, filtering and mixing down 5.1 surround sound. Also added, three new video formats, all NATIVELY rendered, making video faster and smoother than ever – and adding great features like full screen, streaming, alpha, and dynamically grabbing video images to use with everything from filters to video-as-texture displays in 3D.

The new sound engine comes complete with a wide variety of native sound filters which allow the developer to dynamically modify the sounds. Deeper control over the sound playback includes using byteArrays to generate and modify sounds, dynamically setting the sound buffer to adjust the playback performance based on your needs, and a native pan-position matrix enabling virtual movement of audio sources around a 5.1 surround sound setup.

Full screen native video playback includes support for H.264, FLV, and F4V video. The audio engine is integrated with video playback to enable full audio control over the video’s sound track. Video can be played back both from the member and the sprite, allowing you to gain code based access to images as the video plays, and using an RTMP streaming server, you can stream video dynamically over the Internet.

Director 11.5 adds support for Import and dynamic translation of Google’s popular SketchUp (skp) 3D format, giving developers access to tens of thousands of models in the Google SketchUp Warehouse – and enabling easy import and conversion to Director’s native Shockwave 3D (w3d) format.

Productivity enhancements include a new byteArray member type and set of functions, designed to dramatically improve developer’s ability to work with binary data without need for an Xtra. Binary data can be stored and retrieved, locally, internally, and over the network. There are also functions for imaging lingo and sound integration of byteArrays. Director 11.5 also introduces mutiple undo for scripts and text members.

Demo games showcasing Director 11.5 features

Online Connect presentation ‘Getting Started with Director’

Extra content for Feature demos: Available at the trial download page