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Hover Racing with Shockwave 3D

Thanks to Martin Shaeffer’s DirectorForum I ran across some cool new Shockwave games. I’ve always loved games that break traditional molds, and this one is no exception. Hoverster ( Was created by Chio Maisriml, Austrian designer and developer who by his own admission doesn’t fit into the mold of a conventional ‘gamer’. He agressively moved to make the game – easy to access and really, really fast. I’d advise starting with the multiplayer raceways – the farming alternative can be a little frustrating until you get used to the handling of the hovercrafts.

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Director Shockwave 11.5 XDK, XPK & 3D SDK’s Available

The Xtra Development Kit (XDK) for Director 11.5 was posted today on the Adobe Director Support site and includes download links for the latest version of the kit for both Windows and Macintosh. Using the XDK, and the companion Xtra Packaging Kit (XPK) — also available on the Adobe Director Support site, developers may extend the reach of Adobe Director and Shockwave by creating Xtras.

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