Director Shockwave 11.5 XDK, XPK & 3D SDK’s Available

The Xtra Development Kit (XDK) for Director 11.5 was posted today on the Adobe Director Support site and includes download links for the latest version of the kit for both Windows and Macintosh. Using the XDK, and the companion Xtra Packaging Kit (XPK) — also available on the Adobe Director Support site, developers may extend the reach of Adobe Director and Shockwave by creating Xtras.

For the uninitiated, Xtras are similar to Dynamic Link Libraries (dll) and allow you the developer to ADD your own functionality to extend the stuff Director and Shockwave can do. Unlike most multimedia development software, Director and Shockwave can be extended at run time, as well as in the authoring environment. That means you can add amazing functionality. There are already xtras for all kinds of amazing things, (like using a Wii-mote to control your PC, or using video cameras to ‘see’ the local environment.

You can see a substantial list of available xtras for Director and Shockwave here at the Mile High Table of Products.