Hover Racing with Shockwave 3D

Thanks to Martin Shaeffer’s DirectorForum I ran across some cool new Shockwave games. I’ve always loved games that break traditional molds, and this one is no exception. Hoverster (http://www.hoverster.net/) Was created by Chio Maisriml, Austrian designer and developer who by his own admission doesn’t fit into the mold of a conventional ‘gamer’. He agressively moved to make the game – easy to access and really, really fast. I’d advise starting with the multiplayer raceways – the farming alternative can be a little frustrating until you get used to the handling of the hovercrafts.

Vast landscapes, super fast loading, graphically rich worlds, cool cars and controllers that are a really cool blend of responsive, and full of potential for subtle vehicle motion, all make this a definite must play game. It has tons of levels – and uses several conventions that demonstrate Chio’s penchant for challenging the ‘norms’ of the race genre. The flying guide bots give the game an extra flavor – and when one floats in to advise you of ranks / scores you can’t help but recall images of Star Wars: Phantom Menace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUsltuNO6l8

Once you’ve mastered the driving, try out the beanie farming as well. 😉 Nice work Chio, its clearly a labor of love and amazing to see what you’ve put together working independently.