How Hot is Shockwave 3D?

One focus of the next release is Director is on updating 3D, so how hot is Shockwave 3D already? I was struck by a visit to online last night. I went to the site, and noted that there was a new Motocross game from Silent Bay Studios.

I was gripped because I have always wanted to do or see a decent motocross solution – (I’m yawning from all those silly side scrolls of motocross) and figured it was totally ‘doable’ in Shockwave 3D. Silent Bay proves it can be done and it can be cool in this online offering. But as I was trolling the site, another realization struck me – when I sorted the games by popularity.

14 of the top 20 Games on right now, use Shockwave / Director for the delivery platform. 13 of those 14 are Shockwave 3D.

Certainly based on this random sample Shockwave 3D is leading the charge in online games. And it isn’t even just leading the 3D charge – its leading the race overall in this case. It will of course take a broader sample to determine if 3D games are leading 2D games in numbers of players, but I thought it was worth noting, as this particular instance seems to demonstrate a clear trend favoring both 3D games and Shockwave 3D as the delivery mechanism.

Some other interesting figures: if you add the number of game plays today for the Shockwave games, (569,062) there were more than half a million Shockwave game plays on this one site, considering only the top 20 games. The top 20 accounted for a total of 837,134 game plays. So Shockwave games were 67.9% of all plays in the top 20.

The remaining games in the top 20 break down into Flash, the PopCap engine and Java. In one case the game online is Flash, and offline is within the Director engine. (This is a common approach in the Casual downloadable arena.)

I’ll continue to explore this trend across other sites, and let you know how various sites compare. I think one early takeaway is that Shockwave 3D games are really outperforming other online games (at least in this demographic.) It seems like the time is definitely right for students and young developers to cut their teeth on Shockwave 3D.