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Tron Legends in production now

Comicon attendees are reporting various viral marketing mysteries and magic surrounding Disney’s Tron Legends now in production.

SWORN the game by Cybermonkey
One of my favorite online light cycle racers (Cybermonkey’s SWRON) is still available on .

Tron was a breakthrough film in the history of 3D computer graphics and animation. And the 1982, when the film was initially released was a jaw dropping year in the history of science fiction. I was 17 years old and preparing for my senior year in high school when that summer rained down science fiction masterpieces. Tron, ET, Blade Runner and of course the greatest Star Trek film of all time, The Wrath of Khan.

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Coderecipe launches new Concave Physics Proxy Tutorial

The gang at Coderecipe has launched another great sample template . This one is focused on concave rigid body physics, with focus on using proxies. You can download the template at coderecipe for a good example of using proxies to optimize concave rigid body collisions.

Shockwave Update – Security update and fix list

PSIRT announces security bulletin for Shockwave and Security Advisory for Flash. You can read about them here.

In a nutshell, the Shockwave update for a MS security issue came out last week. Users are encouraged to update immediately to eliminate their risk. The Flash update for the same issue is expected on July 30. Read the PSIRT announcement for more details on how to protect from Flash vulnerability in the interim.

The security fix for Shockwave was added to a regularly scheduled bug fix which always alert Shockwave / Director developers sniffed out immediately on release last Thursday. The bug fixes in the release are listed below.

  • Bounding Sphere in Physics was not accurate when using a sphere proxy.
  • (Bug Id: 2319573) Font Style not working properly
  • GetPref() will also read Shockwave 10 preferences if the information is not available in Shockwave 11/11.5 preference.
  • Memory leak in Physics for 6DOF joints(reported by Lutz).

Burnin’ Rubber 3 is Burning up the Charts at Shockwave 3D

It’s ‘world domination or bust’ according to the gang at and they aren’t kidding. With slow motion explosions and killer combat racing Burnin’ Rubber 3 is an amazing release from the exceptional developers at XForm Games.

Click the image to see the Trailer on

On the business side its been doing nearly 200k hits a day for the first month or so on the site – but the real news is on the gameplay and aesthetics side. You have to play this action packed racer to understand the amazing art form that is online 3D Racing games.

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