New Shockwave Release Update.

The new Shockwave build is released. Following are the list of bugs fixed as part of the new Shockwave release.

1. Security bug fixes.

2. While installing Shockwave on Windows 7, the IE security dialog appears multiple times and its addressed now.

3. Cross domain-Movie crashes when loadPolicyFile is called in preparemovie script.

4. Text-pointToItem of a newline in a text sprite causes the Movie to hang.

5.Text-“item..of” on strings having two item delimiters continuously returns incorrect results.

6. Cross domain- Multiple levels of cross domain policy not supported, and the movie fails silently.

7. Shockwave 3D- Need Hardware anti-aliasing of 3D sprites in Director

8. Shockwave- [Mac -Snowleopard] [64-bit] Playing a movie in 64-bit mode of safari should give appropriate error message rather than failing silently.