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Auto-update of Xtras

I have used some custom xtras in my shockwave movie and this movie is published on the net. Every time my shockwave movie is viewed the custom xtra gets downloaded to the Application data folder and then my movie begins to play.

What will happen if I decide to make some changes to my custom xtra?

How can I update the custom xtra that got downloaded to thousands of people’s application data folder automatically without affecting the user experience?

These are some common questions which we come across in a typical scenario. This article addresses these questions. We assume that the user is already familiar with the technique of packaging the xtras with a certificate and with the other steps necessary for download of the Xtras.

In order to enable auto-update of my xtra, I need to update the version of the new xtra.

For example, if presently, my movie understands 1.0.0 to be the version of Xtra X for the movie to play. I need to make sure that I have incremented my version to 1.0.1.

Why is this important? Because it is based on this that I am going to tell my player to check if the Xtra is updated and play the movie only after updating the xtra.
Once this is done, I need to do the following to tell the shochwave player that the new xtra should be used for playing the movie.

• Package the new xtra and host it in the required location.

• Copy the updated xtra to the xtras folder inside the application folder.

• Update the Xtrainfo.txt so that it points to the new location where the packaged are placed. If it is the same location as the previous one then this step can be skipped.

• Open my movie in Director.

• Go to Modify > Movies > Xtras

• Select the custom xtra from the list and uncheck and check the “Download if needed” option.

• Republish the movie to shockwave.

The last 2 steps are very important since it tells the player about the latest version of the xtra that is required for the movie to play.

In the Application Data folder, we will notice that another folder called “New” is created and this xtra is downloaded to this location and on close of the current shockwave session\launch of the next shockwave session the latest xtra will be copied to the original folder.

Auto-update of your xtra is done!!!

Burnin’ Rubber 3 is Burning up the Charts at Shockwave 3D

It’s ‘world domination or bust’ according to the gang at and they aren’t kidding. With slow motion explosions and killer combat racing Burnin’ Rubber 3 is an amazing release from the exceptional developers at XForm Games.

Click the image to see the Trailer on

On the business side its been doing nearly 200k hits a day for the first month or so on the site – but the real news is on the gameplay and aesthetics side. You have to play this action packed racer to understand the amazing art form that is online 3D Racing games.

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How Hot is Shockwave 3D?

One focus of the next release is Director is on updating 3D, so how hot is Shockwave 3D already? I was struck by a visit to online last night. I went to the site, and noted that there was a new Motocross game from Silent Bay Studios.

I was gripped because I have always wanted to do or see a decent motocross solution – (I’m yawning from all those silly side scrolls of motocross) and figured it was totally ‘doable’ in Shockwave 3D. Silent Bay proves it can be done and it can be cool in this online offering. But as I was trolling the site, another realization struck me – when I sorted the games by popularity.

14 of the top 20 Games on right now, use Shockwave / Director for the delivery platform. 13 of those 14 are Shockwave 3D.

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