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Working with Adobe AIR Sandbox Bridge from HTML/JS

Sam Foster from Sitepen who worked on the Dojo Toolbox application wrote an excelent article of the different sides of working with the Sandbox Bridge while developing and AIR Ajax application. Please give it a read – also check out the sample he attached to his post:

Update framework for Adobe AIR applications

A new version was released on 6/24/2008. The direct download links were updated.
Adding good update capabilities to your AIR application can be complicated. But this is over now. By using the “update framework for Adobe AIR application” you can quickly and easily enhance your application with an auto-update feature.
Download it from here. Inside the download file you can find documentation to help you get started.
Use this link to find a lot of examples for both JavaScript and Flex developers, showing how to use the update framework either with the default UI or with a custom one.
Go ahead and try it. Tell us what you think. Use the update forum to report bugs or to request features. Or just add a comment here.

Adobe AIR for JS Developers – 1.0 version

In case you didn’t notice it yet, the new “Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers” pocked guide updated for AIR 1.0 is out:
I co-authored chapter 3 of this book (“Working with JavaScript and HTML Within Adobe AIR”) and I recommend this book for both beginners and more advanced Ajax developers working with AIR.
It contains details on how to access the exposed APIs, how the security model works and the Mini-Cookbook section gives you a good idea on how to start the development under AIR.
So grab the book, get the runtime and the SDK ( and start playing with Adobe AIR. And of course, provide feedback to the core team via forums or wish list.
– Dragos

Everything has a beginning..

I’ve been working with Adobe AIR for a year now. It’s true that back then (first alpha release in March 2007) it was called Apollo..
All this time we (I and my team) have focused on the Ajax side of AIR while watching the runtime grow under our eyes.
So it’s time to share some of this knowledge for others to benefit from.
This is co-authored blog so you’ve probably see posts from Dragos, Raul, Alex, Claudius
That’s it for the introduction,
Get ready to change the way to build rich internet applications!