Maintenance mode for LiveCycle/ ADEP Document Services

The maintenance mode shuts down the job scheduler service so that the pending jobs don’t get triggered when the administrator intends to carry out maintenance activities ( e.g. restoring from a backup, upgrading software, applying a patch etc). This feature is of immense help when the administrators don’t want the Document Server to process pending jobs.

It is particularly helpful in scenarios when the Document Server is not fully functional and few services are not working yet (e.g. during upgrade execution some services are not functional until their respective plug-ins have executed). In such a scenario if the pending jobs would start getting triggered then they would stall because of the ‘lack’ or ’not working’ of services on which they are dependent on.

There are couple of ways to put Document services into maintenance mode

1. Servlet commands-

Refer to the following link to know about the servlet commands.

Note- Servlet commands work only when the document server is running.

2. JVM argument-

This method gives us the ability to start the document server in maintenance mode.

We need to include the following java option in the server startup parameters



This variable is set to false by default. The only way to exit the maintenance mode, once started through the JVM argument, is to shut down the document server and remove the JVM argument and start the server again.

One has to exercise caution with JVM argument mode,  we should explicitly remove this variable after we are done with maintenance activity otherwise on the next restart the server will keep on coming up with maintenance mode active.

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