Curl commands to backup and restore the CRX repository

The administrator can obtain a complete ‘point in time’ backup of a CRX repository using curl commands or by issuing the commands through the GUI. The benefit of curl commands is that they are easier to automate.

Here is the command (meant to be executed from Windows shell after setting up curl on the system.

curl -u <admin username>:<password> -f -o progress.txt -F action=add -F zipFileName=<> -F installDir=<path to installation directory> -F targetDir=<path to backup directory> “http://<hostname>:<port>/crx/config/backup.jsp”


an example of the above command is following

curl -u admin:admin -f -o progress.txt -F action=add -F -F installDir=c:/CRX -F targetDir=c:/backup “http://myhost:4502/crx/config/backup.jsp”

This creates a zip file backup of the repository with file name ‘’ at the location ‘c:\backup\’


For more information on the backup/restore refer to the following  link

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