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Upgrade Readiness tool in the Adobe ERT

The Upgrade Readiness tool is a part of the ERT(Enterprise Readiness Tool) which analyzes the customer’s legacy environment from ‘upgrade to ADEP Document Services’ perspective. It checks the environment of the customer and gives recommendations to the user about the changes he needs to make in order to be able to upgrade his existing LiveCycle Server to ADEP Document Services 10.0. The Upgrade Readiness tool needs a connection to an existing running LiveCycle Server in order to be able to analyze various aspects of the customer’s environment.

Upgrade Readiness tool checks for the following


  1. Operating system – Checks if the current operating system supports Document Server.
  2. Application Server version- Checks if the current application server version hosting LiveCycle is fit for hosting Document Services.
  3. RAM- Checks the amount of RAM
  4. JDK- Checks the version of the JDK needed
  5. Database driver and database version

The upgrade readiness tool also checks for the following runtime aspects of the LiveCycle Server

  1. LiveCycle 7 compatibility layer version.
  2. Presence of QPAC based processes
  3. Presence of BAM (no longer supported in ADEP Document Services 10.0)
  4. Presence of PDFG and PDFG3D.

This tool checks for the presence of LiveCycle processes which could be upgraded from process model to application model and lists them in the validation report. Figure a and figure b show the Start screen of the upgrade Readiness tool and the subsequent report generated after the execution respectively.

Here is the screenshot of a figure showing the Upgrade Readiness tool in the ERT

Upgrade readiness tool

Upgrade readiness tool


Following figure illustrates the summary of validations in a report generated by the ERT

Summary of validations

Summary of validations

The summary of the validations is followed by a detailed section, which gives recommendations to resolve the failed validations. The details section is illustrated in the following figure


Details of validations

Details of validations

Please keep in mind that the recommendations given by Adobe ERT are for upgrades on the ‘same machine’. If a user wants to upgrade his hardware/Operating system as well, then Out of place upgrades are also possible. In such scenarios the user might have other options which are not recommended by the ERT due to older hardware of the current system (like choices of other versions of databases, application servers etc)

For more information on the Enterprise Readiness tool visit the following link

For more information on upgrading the document services please refer to the Upgrading section of the ADEP Documentation