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May 31, 2006

Receive recognition for your work

I just received an email from industry analyst Josh Bersin about a new Learning Leaders Program. This program will recognize 15 organizations that have developed and implemented effective learning programs. The winning organizations will be featured in Elearning! magazine early next year. What a great opportunity to show upper management the value of your work! Apply

Here is another way to get recognition for what you do: Adobe Customer Success Stories.

Just implementing Macromedia Captivate has created incredible results for many of our customers. One of the most exciting examples I have seen is the case study about Safety-Kleen. It's one of the few success stories where actual cost savings have been calculated - and the numbers speak for themselves. If you have any data about your own implementation of Macromedia Captivate, please let me know - we are always looking for success stories to share and our customers are always looking to hear from others about their experiences.

May 18, 2006

Update on Adobe Captivate

I'd like to follow up on the comments to my first post in this blog - What's the status on Macromedia Captivate?

Especially after the Adobe acquisition, I have received this question a lot.
Although I can't provide any release time frame, I can tell you that we are currently in beta with Adobe Captivate 2 (our next release - the current version is Macromedia Captivate). The beta is full at this time and we have received some great feedback already! I am extremely excited about the upcoming release - our first release with the Adobe branding and there are some amazing new features! The teams have been working on it hard and while I can't talk about the individual features, Jen deHaan has listed some here after attending my presentation at the sneak peek session at MAX last year. You can also find another write up (with pictures) of the sneak peeks in general in our Developer Center.

The preparations for the release are in full force - so please forgive me if one your emails gets buried in my huge pile of things to do!

Keep checking back and who knows, I might be able to tell you more the closer we get to the release ;)

PS: Haven't figure out yet how to respond to comments so I am updating the blog - Export to Flash 8 will be available and the functionality has been improved. We will also support multiple Flash Player formats.

May 12, 2006

Learning Captivate - Online Training Course

Kevin Siegel, one of our advisory board members and author of Essentials of Macromedia Captivate just published a 3 hour online course on learning the basics of Macromedia Captivate! I believe it's only $95 for all 30-40 interactive lessons and they are of course all created with Macromedia Captivate :)

You can access the course at www.iconlogic.com or http://iconlogic.inquisiq.com/

With this special coupon code, you can even receive a 20% discount: 8t1dk

Feel free to tell friends and coworkers about this - as far as I know it's the first online course available on learning Macromedia Captivate and it's probably the fastest way to learn the basics. Hope you enjoy it and thanks Kevin, for creating it!

May 11, 2006

Hello eLearning Bloggers!

Welcome to my new Adobe blog! This blog will be somewhat of a continuation of the blog Tom King used to share with me at the Macromedia blog site, where you can still find a wealth of resources on eLearning.

Captivate is my life and my friends even call it my baby - So in this blog, I will focus on Captivate, simulation-based training, and anything else eLearning related that sparks my interest and might be of value for you.

I'll post cool Captivate and other training examples I can find and encourage you, to submit links to content you have created with Captivate.