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Hello eLearning Bloggers!

Welcome to my new Adobe blog! This blog will be somewhat of a continuation of the blog Tom King used to share with me at the Macromedia blog site, where you can still find a wealth of resources on eLearning.

Captivate is my life and my friends even call it my baby - So in this blog, I will focus on Captivate, simulation-based training, and anything else eLearning related that sparks my interest and might be of value for you.

I'll post cool Captivate and other training examples I can find and encourage you, to submit links to content you have created with Captivate.


Silke -- Awesome to see your new space.

So when can we expect the next version of Captivate?

I know, I know -- can't comment -- but I'm a big fan, so thought I'd ask ;)

Very interested in where Captivate is headed.

WOW dear, congratulations, I'll add you in my personal feeds.

Hope you'll enjoy this new way to talk about our lovely captivate.

Dear, next post please add some new extra information about next version of captivate.

Thanks and again all I wish all the best.

Hi Silke. Good to see you back and blogging. Has Tom resurfaced?

As a thought on blog topics, maybe you can post up links to Captivate articles or related discussions. A couple from my blog:

eLearning Technology: Captivate File Size Tricks for Software Training via Simulations

eLearning Technology: Tracking Without an LMS

Look foward to seeing your posts.

BTW - what's the status on Captivate?

Great to see you blogging again. Very excited to see what you have been baking in the next version of Captivate. You know how much I love this program :-)

Hi Silke,

greetings from Down Under. Captivate 2 is a superb product.

I am interested in knowing who is bringing out a comprehensive training manual for this new version i.e. Captivate 2, aka "Adobe's Classroom In a Box" type stuff.

Perhaps it is time to do so, as the shelves of Melbourne's major book stores seem a "tad" behind - they mainly only have books on Captivate 1.0

Hope to hear back from you , Silke.

Kind regards,

Keith Williams

SF: Hi Keith, I think the only Adobe Captivate 2 book that is out is the Essential workbook from Kevin Siegel. Not sure who else is working on publishing a comprehensive book. So for now, check out