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Update on Adobe Captivate

I'd like to follow up on the comments to my first post in this blog - What's the status on Macromedia Captivate?

Especially after the Adobe acquisition, I have received this question a lot.
Although I can't provide any release time frame, I can tell you that we are currently in beta with Adobe Captivate 2 (our next release - the current version is Macromedia Captivate). The beta is full at this time and we have received some great feedback already! I am extremely excited about the upcoming release - our first release with the Adobe branding and there are some amazing new features! The teams have been working on it hard and while I can't talk about the individual features, Jen deHaan has listed some here after attending my presentation at the sneak peek session at MAX last year. You can also find another write up (with pictures) of the sneak peeks in general in our Developer Center.

The preparations for the release are in full force - so please forgive me if one your emails gets buried in my huge pile of things to do!

Keep checking back and who knows, I might be able to tell you more the closer we get to the release ;)

PS: Haven't figure out yet how to respond to comments so I am updating the blog - Export to Flash 8 will be available and the functionality has been improved. We will also support multiple Flash Player formats.


Wow. It's great to hear Captivate will be updated. I'm an avid user of the software myself.

Will it be using ActionScript 3.0 or just 2.0? Can Flash 8 (or Flash "9") import Captivate presentations fully now?

PS: Haven't figured out yet how to resp...

Wow. Multiple Flash Player formats? So will we be able to save our Captivate movies with compatibility options for Flash Player 6 and up? :)

Another quick question though, will we be able to import the latest Flash movies (.swf) into our Captivate presentations?

I really shouldn't ask these questions here. Hehe... I'm sorry.

If anyone needs to learn more about Adobe Captivate, plan to attend the Documentation and Training Conference this April 18-21, 2007 in Vancouver. Neil Perlin will teach a post-conference, half-day Captivate workshop.

More info: http://www.doctrain.com