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Blogging & Captivate

I just received an email from a coworker who used Macromedia Captivate in a very unique way. Her second grade son wrote 2 stories for school. Using a digital camera, a microphone and Macromedia Captivate, she was able to turn the book into a digital format to share on her blog: http://www.jakeandval.com/blog/.

After seeing this, I started a quick search on "blog tutorial Captivate" and was surprised to find so many entries. Here are some I collected and maybe they give you further ideas on what else you can do with the product:

Here is another blog from Matt Woodward, where I found a Macromedia Captivate piece - it's a presentation using Mach II Matt gave at a conference and he wanted to provide an online version of it.

Nice tutorials in this blog from SDSU Karl Richter.

And of course you will find a lot of places that contain Macromedia Captivate tutorials on how to use Flash features. One more - Flash tutorials directly in the blog.

Have you blogged about Macromedia Captivate yet or used it in your blogs?


I'm glad you like the tutorials. I really had a lot of fun making them, and eagerly look forward to the new version of Captivate. I've already got it on pre-order.