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Cool Macromedia Captivate Content

Just wanted to share some "non-traditional" Macromedia Captivate content with you and hope that you have some links to share with us.

Take a look at Webassist's Cookies Toolkit site and click on Solution Recipe on the right hand side. This Macromedia Captivate project is a nice and simple explanation of how client-side and server-side cookies work!

I have used Macromedia Captivate myself to do Flash-based picture projects as well as website banners. Here is one of my projects where some people from our office supported Habitat for Humanity last month - it took less than half an hour including publishing. Or check out what our own dev team did with pictures. It's really cool, looks very professional, and it was created using the beta of Adobe Captivate 2 - no Flash skills necessary.

Or check out the animated banner for this radio station. It was done in minutes using the text animations that are available in Macromedia Captivate.

Please send me your links if you have "non-software" examples.


I have a personal love for this product. I created a training CD-Rom with audio using RoboDemo 4 in 2003.

I updated the product in 2005 using Captivate. I originally tried to use director, but it was a bit too much for me and RoboDemo 4 saved my butt.

Captivate has great new features and I'm really looking forward to seeing Captivate 2 and upgrading as well.

Even though I now know how to use Director, I prefer the simplicity of Captivate. I've made some great money on the final product and I will be creating a different one later this year. Hopefully Captivate 2 is out by then.

Michael James III

I love Captivate.
We used a lot for many works.
You can see for example, Comtaste's latest work for the most important italian portal :

Under "Articoli" there are a plenty video tutorial created with captivate !