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August 16, 2006

Industry Events - Let's meet in person!

Summer is nearly over and the eLearning events season is about to start. We are going to participate at many shows all over the world. Here are the ones I am personally attending and I hope you have a chance to stop by as well (PS: I'll use the blog to update you on other conferences I don't yet have in my schedule):

Ellen Wagner, who works on our corporate eLearning strategy, and I will attend the International Council for Open and Distance Education, which is held in Brazil this time. We are hoping to meet with many Ed leaders from all over the world and they will have a chance to get a sneak peek at Adobe Captivate 2. If you are an educator, you may want to attend this event - especially since it's only held biennially.

Also in September, we are going to present the new PENS implementation in Adobe Captivate 2 at the AICC Plugfest in Vancouver.

In October, I'll be presenting about blogging and screencasting at DevLearn. I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces - this show is always like reunion of good friends for me. Please send comments/ideas about my topic, your own learning blogs and screencasts to me - I'd like to incorporate actual examples in my presentations.

We'll obviously attend MAX in Las Vegas. This is a great opportunity to meet several people from our team. Still trying to get a Birds of the Feather session like last year. It was very well attended and we received important feedback. It's going to be a blast with awesome keynotes, great samples, and the fun sneak peek session.

The local ASTD chapter is hosting the Your Turn To Learn Conference November 10 and I just found out that my proposal was accepted.

End of November, Ellen and I will travel again - east this time, to my home country Germany. We will be speaking at the Online Educa in Berlin. I will co-present with Horst Krieger from ipcenter Austria, who just completed a Macromedia Captivate case study.

Our calendars are pretty full and it's going to be the most exciting time of the year. Keep in mind that I love to give away stuff (such as full product versions or T-shirts) at my sessions - See you soon!