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September 26, 2006

Adobe Captivate user group

Wow - Today I received the link for (I believe it's the first) Adobe Captivate user group. The group is run by Mark Chrisman in Seattle and the first meeting will be held Nov 16, where I'll attend remotely!
Thanks Mark for pulling it together :)

September 15, 2006


In preparation for the PENS Plugfest (part of the AICC meeting) next week in Vancouver, Tom King has prepared a demo that shows how to use the new PENS feature in Adobe Captivate 2. This new specification makes publishing content to an LMS much easier.

September 13, 2006

Earn money recommending our products

I know that many of you recommend our products and I have read and heard many great stories with Adobe Captivate, how you got your clients or coworkers to buy a copy based on your suggestion. Why not earn money for this?

We actually have a great affiliate program and I am not sure if a lot of people are actually aware of it. I myself had a hard time finding it by clicking through our pages - the search however picks it up right away! Just type in "affiliate."
You can earn up to 15% commission! The only work: sign up for free, add the links to your site or newsletter, continue recommending and provide your links :)
It's really easy and I hope you can take advantage of this program. Just imagine, your recommendations pay for your own next upgrade or your personal version!

September 11, 2006

Free seminars on Adobe Captivate 2

I came back from Brazil this weekend and now I am trying to catch up with emails - well, one of them was an invite to our first online seminars on Adobe Captivate 2!
The seminars are free and we have 7 scheduled so far and best of all, by simply attending you have the chance to win a full copy of Adobe Captivate 2. I'll try to be in the first one to see the kinds of questions come up.

Abbas, Sales Engineer and Adobe Captivate fan, will show you many of the new the new features and hopefully some interactive content is loaded in the Breeze meeting so you can actually play with it - we'll see :)

Meet you soon in our eseminar!

PS: The signup link on the main Adobe Captivate page is a little hidden so please feel free to forward or post the direct signup URL http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=82518&loc=en_us

September 5, 2006

Announcing: Adobe Captivate 2

I am excited to let you know that we just announced Adobe Captivate 2. Click here for the press release. The day we all have been waiting for has come!
Adobe branding, tons of new features, and a new direction for the product make it the biggest release so far. For the first time, we are branching out of the niche of software training and screenrecording and provide functionality that takes the product to a whole new level.
In the new version, anyone (and that includes non-programmers like me) can author scenario-based training. Now, it's easy to develop the complete training for call center agents for example: you can combine the soft-skills training with the technical simulations - all within one tool and without having to learn Flash!

And for those of you who like podcasting, check out the commentary about the new release by Ellen Wagner (Podcast with closed captioning created with Adobe Captivate 2).

There are many ways to use Adobe Captivate 2 - be creative and have fun!

FYI: Nearly all the features you find in the new version are based on customer requests. Many of you have requested the features listed below and they all made it into the product (It's late at night in Rio and I might have forgotten some that you'll discover yourself soon):
- customizable scoring slide
- Flash Video import
- zoom in edit mode
- zoom effect
- gray out
- hide/lock in the timeline
- condensed and customizable word output (step-by-step)
- library
- skins
- playback controls outside of the content
- drop down menus
- faster opening/saving of projects
- automatic text entry boxes in simulation recording mode
- dockable panels
- integration with image editors (launch & edit)
- export to Flash 8 (authoring tool)
- Flash Player 8 SWF generation
- closed captioning
- color picker (one of my favorites)
- caption type change and apply to all captions of this type
- bit rate slider for audio compression control
- slide notes visible in edit mode
- slide based navigation (e.g. you might have an interaction without pausing and if learner missed to click, slide could automatically advance to another slide vs. continuing to the next slide)

September 3, 2006

Boa Noite de Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is amazing! (Well - I haven't really seen much of the city since Ellen and I are constantly working). Thanks to the work of our team in Brazil, we have had great meetings with 6 different customers which are really eye opening. eLearning is growing extremely rapidly in Brazil and I have seen more collaboration and community building than in the US. Fascinating.
And I finally had a chance to meet Igor Costa, Adobe Captivate fan, Flex developer, author, contributer, and tour guide :) If you speak Portuguese, you might want to check out his blog.
More info and pictures to come in the next days.

PS: After reading my entry, Igor said to Ellen I described him as superhero, amazing and the savior of the world. So here we go *grin* He definitely is a superhero in my Adobe Captivate world :) Today we came up with some really cool ideas and as soon as we have them working, I'll blog about the amazing things Igor can do.