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Announcing: Adobe Captivate 2

I am excited to let you know that we just announced Adobe Captivate 2. Click here for the press release. The day we all have been waiting for has come!
Adobe branding, tons of new features, and a new direction for the product make it the biggest release so far. For the first time, we are branching out of the niche of software training and screenrecording and provide functionality that takes the product to a whole new level.
In the new version, anyone (and that includes non-programmers like me) can author scenario-based training. Now, it's easy to develop the complete training for call center agents for example: you can combine the soft-skills training with the technical simulations - all within one tool and without having to learn Flash!

And for those of you who like podcasting, check out the commentary about the new release by Ellen Wagner (Podcast with closed captioning created with Adobe Captivate 2).

There are many ways to use Adobe Captivate 2 - be creative and have fun!

FYI: Nearly all the features you find in the new version are based on customer requests. Many of you have requested the features listed below and they all made it into the product (It's late at night in Rio and I might have forgotten some that you'll discover yourself soon):
- customizable scoring slide
- Flash Video import
- zoom in edit mode
- zoom effect
- gray out
- hide/lock in the timeline
- condensed and customizable word output (step-by-step)
- library
- skins
- playback controls outside of the content
- drop down menus
- faster opening/saving of projects
- automatic text entry boxes in simulation recording mode
- dockable panels
- integration with image editors (launch & edit)
- export to Flash 8 (authoring tool)
- Flash Player 8 SWF generation
- closed captioning
- color picker (one of my favorites)
- caption type change and apply to all captions of this type
- bit rate slider for audio compression control
- slide notes visible in edit mode
- slide based navigation (e.g. you might have an interaction without pausing and if learner missed to click, slide could automatically advance to another slide vs. continuing to the next slide)


Cool !!!!
Congrats for the hard work.

Now only if you could get a Mac version out there ;) Congrats on the release...

Hey dear, I'm completly pleased with all features that all team have done, the Ellen's podcast was amazing and I liked that.

All the best luck in the release and I'm very confident that Adobe Captivate 2 will do a lot of sucess.

Silke, congratulations on the new release.

When do we get the trial version ?

Hi Peter - I am adding this info to your comment: It typically takes a few weeks from the engineering delivery to pressing the CDs, producing the boxes, and updating the download section. If everything goes as planned, we should have the trial available within 4 weeks. We also made it possible to pre-order the full or upgrade versions (via the phone you could start today, via the online store probably tomorrow). It's so incredible to see all the wonderful responses. I am very excited about this release!


I was disappointed that it was not made the focus of the main messaging area. In fact it's 3rd down in the announcement area - below Flash 10th Annniversary - which has been there for weeks.

It shows Adobe's deep customer focus and will definitly provide users multidimensional possibility in every segment. Congrats

Silke - Congrats on the new release. I have been waiting for this day for awhile.

Question - by library, do you mean a reusable object library? If so, hooray!!!

>>Great! And yes, the library allows you to easily reuse objects within one project but also import objecfts from other projects. Silke

Silke - There appears to be a problem with the download file for Captivate 2 on the Adobe online store. I just purchased an upgrade but when I opened the downloaded zip file inside was the old Captivate 1.01 file. Meanwhile, I'm out of pocked $300 for software I already own! Do you know any way I can get the proper file?

>>No worries. The website currently states that the new version will be available and if you need software now, you can buy version 1. It's a little confusing and easy to miss this info. All you need to do is call customer service when we start shipping (you should receive an email beginning of October) and you'll get version 2!

FYI: this is also true if you bought the full version AFTER the announce on 9/5. You are eligible to receive version 2.


Hello Silke:

I just got my shiny new version of Captivate2 and have been giving it a test run with new and old files. The library will be a playland for me, and recording is greatly improved, thanks!

However, I seem to be having difficulty with javascript in the uploaded files...

My project works when running off the copies exported my computer desktop, but I seem to be getting a blank screen (only) when I upload the files (.cp, .swf, skin, and .htm) and try live link. It is not a server issue, as my non-CP files and links from prior robodemos are accessible via the server.

Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated! (The product is so new that when I tried to get customer service they said it wasn't supported yet!!)

SF: Glad you like the library and the improved recording.
Regarding JS issue - it's hard to diagnose for me why it's not working. Why don't you post to our forum? Other users will be able to provide an answer faster than I could :)
The product is fully supported since our launch 10/5 - We always have to mention the product as "Adobe Captivate", so it can be tricky to find - look under A instead of C and you'll see the link.

I have tried to import captivate flash (fla) files to Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8, but flash is not accepting them. I followed the instructions on the adobe file, but the do not work. Any suggestions.

SF: Not sure how to help you - have you tried out forums yet? I barely get to play with Adobe Captivate anymore http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/index.cfm?forumid=67

When I export a captivate file to Flash 8, the zoom feature is not working. Does Zoom carry over and show after publishing a Captivate file to a normal SWF?

SF: uncheck 'slides as movie clip' when you export and it should work just fine :)

Is there a way to record the tool tips. I have tried the PrtSc while the tool tip is displayed with no success.

Our company is in the process of introducting a new product, and I really want Captivate 2 to work well for us.


SF: Go into the Recording Options (Options menu), and edit the recording mode settings. Where it shows Captions, you can check the box "Convert tooltips to rollover captions" - next time you record, move your mouse over the tooltips you wish to have available in your sim later.

Hello Silke,

I am interested in purchasing Adobe Captivate to create a web based training series. I work for a university and currently I do not have a contact that can provide information regarding cost, licenses. Can you assist or forward me to someone that can? Thanks, M

SF: Hi Mary, We have an education section on our website: http://www.adobe.com/education/products/captivate.html?tab:hed=1
We also offer an educational discount and Adobe Captivate only costs $199, which you qualify for. You can simply buy via our online store (or check with your purchasing/IT department - they most likely already have some licenses and a special discount level with Adobe) http://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/html/index.cfm?event=displayEduConditions&store=OLS-EDU

Have fun with Adobe Captivate!


My company purchased adobe captivate 2 software.

Can you please tell me if captivate 2 is SCORM 2 compliant?

Alan Costa

SF: Hi Alan, Adobe Captivate 2 content is SCORM certified for versions 1.2 and 2004. You can find information about the product features at http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate/productinfo/features/static_tour/integrate/#pf4.

New features sound very nice.
Does Captivate version 2 support right click in simulations and content yet?

SF: Unfortunately we are bit limited with the Flash Player trapping the right click to show the Flash Player menu. But check out the workaround - it also works with Adobe Captivate 2: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/captivate/articles/right_click.html

Hey Silke, I have just finished my first two days with Captivate 2 (my first experience with Captivate - period). I am awed by it. Every educator in the world should own this masterpiece!

OK, my problem: I am unable to export the sound files from Captivate, importing them into Flash MX 2004, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The export/import features of both programs are flawless, so I know it's me. Yikes! Any suggestions on what I could possibly be doing wrong? Thanks.

Any thoughts on creating a question which allows learners to submit a file rather than just text fields?

hey quick question. i'm trying the trial version of Captivate. i wanted to see how it interacted with Flash, but whenever i try to export the files to Flash, it's grayed out from the menu. does the trial version only have some features activated?

SF: If it's grayed out, you might not have the supported version of Flash installed. Adobe Captivate 2 supports MX 2004 and 8. Adobe Captivate 3 will support 8 and CS3.