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Boa Noite de Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is amazing! (Well - I haven't really seen much of the city since Ellen and I are constantly working). Thanks to the work of our team in Brazil, we have had great meetings with 6 different customers which are really eye opening. eLearning is growing extremely rapidly in Brazil and I have seen more collaboration and community building than in the US. Fascinating.
And I finally had a chance to meet Igor Costa, Adobe Captivate fan, Flex developer, author, contributer, and tour guide :) If you speak Portuguese, you might want to check out his blog.
More info and pictures to come in the next days.

PS: After reading my entry, Igor said to Ellen I described him as superhero, amazing and the savior of the world. So here we go *grin* He definitely is a superhero in my Adobe Captivate world :) Today we came up with some really cool ideas and as soon as we have them working, I'll blog about the amazing things Igor can do.


Really great to meet you and walk arround SP, the funny part of our tour it was when I was teaching to the Taxi to get the right way to hotel, really funny because I'm really newer in the city than him hehe.

Dear thanks for everything and for sharing such good things with Adobe Captivate , I just feel sorry because you couldn't see all city. But next year you come again.

Good Luck there, and have a great experience you and Miss Ellen in Rio de Janeiro.