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Free seminars on Adobe Captivate 2

I came back from Brazil this weekend and now I am trying to catch up with emails - well, one of them was an invite to our first online seminars on Adobe Captivate 2!
The seminars are free and we have 7 scheduled so far and best of all, by simply attending you have the chance to win a full copy of Adobe Captivate 2. I'll try to be in the first one to see the kinds of questions come up.

Abbas, Sales Engineer and Adobe Captivate fan, will show you many of the new the new features and hopefully some interactive content is loaded in the Breeze meeting so you can actually play with it - we'll see :)

Meet you soon in our eseminar!

PS: The signup link on the main Adobe Captivate page is a little hidden so please feel free to forward or post the direct signup URL http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=82518&loc=en_us


It's great that you offer the free seminars, but registering didn't prompt any information about how I could actually attend. The only links on Adobe's system provided by searching for the event led back to the details/registration page. Customer Service provided a half-hour of MUZAK and no answers. So I'm stuck with my 30 day trial and no opportunity to gain some knowledge during the advertised seminar to help me make a purchasing decision.

SF: Hi Donna, I am going to let our seminar team know about this. When you register, you automatically receive an email with all the login info. No worries - we will be offering more seminars. You could also check out the feature tour on our main website which gives you an overview of the product. Hope this helps and have fun with Adobe Captivate.