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October 25, 2006

MAX Conference update

Wow - I can breathe again! Just finished my final session here at MAX in Las Vegas. The conference was great and having the Blueman Group start it off was awesome!

We actually had a specific eLearning track with a panel, presentations, and workshops. It's cool to see so many people excited about Adobe Captivate and I have heard some new feature requests such as displaying external projects in branching view, inserting SWF files in the zoom destination, drag/drop interactions for the learner and more. If you have feature requests for the new version, please submit them via our wishform on our site.

I also wanted to point out Apollo - it's been exciting to see the reactions of the audience and the ideas that came up from the audience even for Adobe Captivate integration with Apollo.

If you wish to learn more about Apollo, you can register for our free online seminar on November 2nd, 3pm US Eastern time.

October 19, 2006

Ellen Wagner doing keynote at League for Innovations

Wow - my coworker Ellen Wagner, Director for eLearning here at Adobe, is doing the keynote at League for Innovations. If you are an educator I highly recommend you check out the conference and see Ellen speak.

Her session is called "Rules for engagement" where she'll be talking about the Web 2.0 world in learning and education and the top 10 ways to engage our learners.

After that she and I will be at MAX in Las Vegas.

October 16, 2006

Complementary session material

Betsy Bruce gave a presentation on using XML and XSLT in Dreamweaver at the DevLearn conference last week. In addition to posting her handouts, step-by-step instructions, and supporting files, she also has an Adobe Captivate demo available on her site.

October 13, 2006

Cover Story: eLearning explodes

I am on my way home from the DevLearn conference and my plane is delayed, which is great because I had the chance to pick up the latest edition of U.S. News (October 16, Volume 141 #14). The cover story: eLearning explodes. What a timely topic!
The story focuses only on elearning as distance education and doesn't include any corporate aspects.
Some of the topics discussed: textbooks moving online, choosing an online program and the Blackboard patent.

October 12, 2006

My session was packed!!!

I couldn't believe it - my session on informal learning at the DevLearn conference here in Burlingame was completely packed. There were people standing in the back of the room and outside the door. Other attendees came up to me afterwards to tell me they couldn't get in!

So I figured I am going to provide my PPT slides and hope they give you some ideas of what else you can do w/ Adobe Captivate other than just screen captures :)


October 10, 2006

MAX Sneak Peek

If you haven't heard about MAX, you might want to check it out.

Our team has submitted a demo for the sneak peeks session and hopefully we'll be selected so we can show you some of the new cool features we are thinking about (no guarantees that any of the features shown will make it into the release version) for Adobe Captivate 3. Attendees last year saw a preview of the branching dialog and the library w/ the launch and edit capabilities and they had a chance to sign up for the beta during our birds of the feather session.

In addition to meeting people from our product teams, you have lots of chances to win products and t-shirts. See you soon!

October 5, 2006

Adobe Captivate 2 Shipping!!!

Wow - the day I have been working for for 2 years has finally come. We started shipping Adobe Captivate 2 today. That means the free 30-day trial version is live on the site for download :)
PS: The international versions will be available in a few weeks.

October 4, 2006

Adobe Captivate Exchange

Here is a special heads up for my blog readers. Tomorrow we will officially launch the Adobe Captivate Exchange. Since I have to start uploading content for the launch, the exchange has to be live - that means you can already use it today and start uploading content yourself before our public announce.

The Adobe Captivate exchange is designed to share templates, media files, custom playback controls, special projects such as games, etc. I uploaded a sample scenario-based project for Adobe Captivate 2 as well as some images of models showing different facial expressions. You can freely use these images with any of your content. I am also uploading a jeopardy style game developed in Adobe Captivate by Paul Clothier last year for MAX.

For those of you new to the exchange and how to upload your own files to share, simply check out the little demo I created.

Happy sharing!