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Adobe Captivate Exchange

Here is a special heads up for my blog readers. Tomorrow we will officially launch the Adobe Captivate Exchange. Since I have to start uploading content for the launch, the exchange has to be live - that means you can already use it today and start uploading content yourself before our public announce.

The Adobe Captivate exchange is designed to share templates, media files, custom playback controls, special projects such as games, etc. I uploaded a sample scenario-based project for Adobe Captivate 2 as well as some images of models showing different facial expressions. You can freely use these images with any of your content. I am also uploading a jeopardy style game developed in Adobe Captivate by Paul Clothier last year for MAX.

For those of you new to the exchange and how to upload your own files to share, simply check out the little demo I created.

Happy sharing!


This will be excellent. Thanks Silke!