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My session was packed!!!

I couldn't believe it - my session on informal learning at the DevLearn conference here in Burlingame was completely packed. There were people standing in the back of the room and outside the door. Other attendees came up to me afterwards to tell me they couldn't get in!

So I figured I am going to provide my PPT slides and hope they give you some ideas of what else you can do w/ Adobe Captivate other than just screen captures :)



This highlights the buzz surrounding informal learning.

Nice job! The presentation is well done.

Thanks for posting the presentation! I have been following this blog for a while and find it useful.
One unrelated question: We have been trying to get our entry in the Captivate showcase corrected (there is a broken link and the text needs to be updated). So far, I have not gotten a response from the "Adobe Showcase" people. Could you please put me in touch with the right person? Thanks in advance.

SF: Glad you find the blog useful :) Let me know if you wish to see other content.
Broken link is fixed - thanks for helping us.

Great presentation, Silke!

Any way to get audio with this presentation??? Would love to hear/see it in full.

SF: most of my session is demos and hopefully I can incorporate them into a special webseminar early next year :) Keep checking our seminars for "informal learning"