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Adobe Captivate 2 as TV editing review tool

This morning, sitting in the hotel cafe in Berlin, Ellen Wagner, Wayne Hodgins and I were talking about tools, applications, services, legos, the future of learning and of course sailing around the world. We also briefly chatted about the creativity of our users and what they do with our tools without us ever thinking of these possibilities when we developed them. My Google blog alert for "Adobe+Captivate" found another unique usage today.

Aanarav Sareen, a TV editor and producer uses Adobe Captivate 2 for client review. Check out how - it's a pretty neat way of using Adobe Captivate!.


How could I get captivate content to video format in the way it could be presented with ordinary DVD-player?

SF: As far as I know DVD Players don't yet play Flash format. Therefore you'll have to convert your Flash file into a passive video file that can be played on DVD players. You can use Sothink's SWF to Video converter for that. Check out my article http://www.adobe.com/devnet/captivate/articles/ipod.html