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End user of Adobe Captivate content

Wow - I usually work on Adobe Captivate marketing, content and show others how to use the tool. Just now I experienced the other side - I had tried a while ago to hook up Contribute 4 to our this blog service and couldn't figure out what I am doing wrong. I had received multiple emails with steps and info - never got it to work.

Through an internal email list I received my answer: in form of a demo. It was so great! I didn't have to read anything, just followed along the steps and easily figured out where I made a mistake originally (forgot to set up some password in the blogging service - had no clue what it is from looking at the UI). Within three minutes I had Contribute up and running with our service and I am very very happy :)  No more HTML code to format my blog entries *yay*

Thanks Contribute team for creating the demo!