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Vote for the best of 2006

Do you like Adobe Captivate as much as I do? If yes, why not vote for it! eLearning! magazine invites you to vote for the best of elearning solution providers 2006.
If you vote for Adobe Captivate, don't forget it's not just a simulation tool but it's used heavily for IT content and, new, soft skills.


Greetings: I'm a very new education developer and even newer Captivate user. Hopefully I'm appending this blog in the correct manner!

In the near future I'll be coordinating a weeklong seminar at which about 20 presenters will give lectures with Powerpoint visuals. Pretty standard stuff.

Anyway, to re-distribute the lectures and Powerpoint charts later, we will videotape the speakers. My plan is to use Captivate merge the talking head (in live video) and the Powerpoint charts onto one screen.

Sounds to me like this would be a common use for university professors who wish to "rebroadcast" their lectures on the web.

QUESTION: Would anyone have any online examples you could point me where users have actually done anything that simple using Captivate? My ultimate solution will be low power in terms of how the final package looks, but high volume in terms of module length and number of modules to deliver quickly.

BTW, the content of the 20 lectures will vary a great deal in complexity... finance related, very dry stuff. But the ability for viewers to review the material will be of high value.

Many thanks.

Steve Quanrud
Sunny but cold
Upstate New York

SF: Hi Steve, You can definitely use Adobe Captivate and include your videos. The best implementation I have seen is done by Loren Leed w/ the help of Kenneth Toley. Please take a look at their article in our dev center
Adobe Captivate 2 supports FLV directly, you may want to play around with it or you could also try Adobe Presenter, which allows you add FLV video to your PPT presentation in a really nice format. http://www.adobe.com/products/presenter/ and click on "View Overview"
Hope this helps. Regards,