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December 22, 2006

I wish you captivating Holidays :)

On my wishlist this year is one wish to the Adobe Captivate community: Create a slide show of your favorite or worst (thinking of airport camping pictures that make the holidays unforgettable - don't let it stress you if it happens, turn it into a party w/ the other stranded travelers) Xmas moments this year! Add captions, interactivity, and mouse overs or avatars and have fun with Adobe Captivate! Please submit the link to your creation via the blog comments - I'd love to see what you come up with and how you celebrate this year.

If you haven't sent out Xmas cards yet, there is still time to do it online. We have developed a fun site to create your own holiday card. It's very cute and the animations are funny.

With that, I wish you a wonderfully captivating holiday season, no stress, lots of fun, beautiful moments with your loved ones, peace at home and on earth, and don't forget to be nice to others and the environment. See you in 2007.


PS: If you get bored during the holidays, check out this blog entry - it also includes a nice Adobe Captivate demo