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RoboHelp and Soft skills

Happy new year! I am back at work and there are quite some news to share with you: Adobe RoboHelp is shipping! If you are a technical writer, Flex developer or RIA/software developer in general, training manager who needs to develop comprehensive performance support systems, or anyone who wants a well structured online reference or help system, you may want to check out the trial version. Important for me of course is the integration between Adobe Captivate and Adobe RoboHelp, which makes it easy to include visual demonstrations in online help systems. Show versus tell!

On a side note, it's exciting to see so many new blog entries about Adobe Captivate. Karl Kapp's caught my eye because he is giving some tips on using online learning for soft skills training. We are going to see a growth in soft skills authoring in 2007and with Adobe Captivate, it's easy to combine the soft skills aspect with software training.
Just imagine: you are training your support team on using the customer service software and at the same time. You are teaching them how to respond correctly in certain call situations while entering the call data.
Or, you are showing realistic situations on how to use sales data from an SAP report in addition to "how to generate the report." And don't forget - you can easily reuse the content and insert this just in time SWF file into your RoboHelp online help system!

Please include a link to your own soft skills example in the comments!