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February 27, 2007

Adobe Captivate content on video iPods

Recently a customer asked me how to get Adobe Captivate SWF files onto a video iPod which got me to play with Adobe Captivate and, guess what, a video iPod :)

Adobe Captivate content has been used for m-learning in the past: for Pocket PCs since RoboDemo days - it's an easy implementation since there is a Flash Player available for Pocket PCs. You can also easily export audio in MP3 format for podcast use.
Some portable video players also support the Flash Player natively, however, most of these devices are designed to watch movies and not for interactive learning content. Yet, I found a very simple way to turn Adobe Captivate files into a passive movie - I just published a developer center article on how to do this.

I was using the Sothink SWF to Video Converter and Sothink offers Adobe Captivate users a $10 discount (for a limited period of time only).

PS: To convert Adobe Captivate content to Flash Lite content, read this article.

February 23, 2007

Judge or submit: 2007 Brandon Hall Awards

It's the time of the year again to submit an entry to the Brandon Handon Hall Excellence in eLearning Awards. Adobe Captivate has won this award numerous times.

I'd like to encourage you to submit an entry yourself in one of the many categories. All judges have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so your content won't be available publicly. You can also password protect your content and only the judges have access to it.

To show your work, you can easily use Adobe Captivate to create a short demo for the judges. Adobe Captivate supports screen recording after all :)

Here a few tips:
- keep your file size small check out the developer center article on size considerations
- add interactivity you don't want to bore judges
- add audio, animations, zoom, etc. to keep the content engaging
- if you have created PowerPoint slides, review them and cut half of the text! Add images instead. As a good presenter, you simply explain the key points using your narration. You don't need to write everything on the slide. Use a tool like Adobe Presenter to make your presentation available online (You can even add Adobe Captivate content inside your presentation)

It's actually a lot of fun to be a judge since you will be able to see amazing projects, find out about new technology (possibly Adobe Captivate 3), and learn how teams achieved great results. I have signed up last year for the category custom content and I saw some impressive projects.

Hope to see you at the awards ceremony in fall receiving an award for your Adobe Captivate project!

February 22, 2007

Adobe Captivate support options

I keep receiving support requests via email as well as my blog and realized that many users might not have seen all our resources we have online.
I personally simply don't have the bandwidth to answer all the requests nor the technical knowledge required for many of the issues mentioned. Here is a list of all the options available where you'll find answers quickly:

- The first place to look for an answer is the online help system (simply press F1 inside the application) or click on Help. A PDF version of the Getting Started Guide and the entire online Help system are also available on our website.
- Then I would recommend searching through the Technotes in our knowledge base
- If you don't find what you need, you might want to browse the developer center articles or post to our online peer-to-peer forum. The forum is an excellent place to get answers - our Adobe Community Experts monitor these forums and provide their assistance. They are extremely knowledgable about our products and they usually know more about Adobe Captivate than I do!
- If you can't find the answers in any of these free resources, you can contact Technical Support (A Bronze support phone call is only $39). We offer several different plans to meet your needs. I have worked with some of the support reps and they are great.
- You may also want to look for user groups in your area. We have had several new Adobe Captivate and eLearning user groups start in the last couple of months.
- For free templates or downloadable assets to use in or with your Adobe Captivate projects, we had started the Adobe Captivate Exchange. You can also share your own cool projects with your peers or turn it into a business and sell assets online.

Hope these links help and please spread the word about all the resources available.
Have fun with Adobe Captivate!

PS: These options are also available for other Adobe products.

February 19, 2007

New Adobe Captivate 2 online courses

Kevin Siegel just let me know that his Adobe Captivate 2 courses are available online now. And, as a reader of my blog, you even get a 20% discount. Simply use this code 8t1dk on his site http://www.iconlogic.com/AdobeCaptivate2Demos.htm


February 6, 2007

Awards, new eLearning page and free seminars

Today we received the eLearning Guild member's choice award in a series of recent industry awards: eLearning! magazine Best of 2006, Jolt finalist and of course the Brandon Hall Excellence in eLearning award we had posted on our site.

We also published and updated our Adobe eLearning site with lots of resources, case studies, white papers, and info about upcoming seminars as well as events where we exhibit our learning solutions and where Ellen Wagner or I will be presenting.

We also have a great seminar coming up tomorrow: Informal Learning meets eLearning with Jay Cross and Ellen. You can still register for it.

Have fun with Adobe Captivate! :)

FYI: We attended the ASTD Techknowledge conference last week in Vegas and the conference was actually sold out! There were several hands-on sessions for Adobe Captivate. Join us for sessions at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering in Boston in April. I'll provide more info soon.