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Adobe Captivate content on video iPods

Recently a customer asked me how to get Adobe Captivate SWF files onto a video iPod which got me to play with Adobe Captivate and, guess what, a video iPod :)

Adobe Captivate content has been used for m-learning in the past: for Pocket PCs since RoboDemo days - it's an easy implementation since there is a Flash Player available for Pocket PCs. You can also easily export audio in MP3 format for podcast use.
Some portable video players also support the Flash Player natively, however, most of these devices are designed to watch movies and not for interactive learning content. Yet, I found a very simple way to turn Adobe Captivate files into a passive movie - I just published a developer center article on how to do this.

I was using the Sothink SWF to Video Converter and Sothink offers Adobe Captivate users a $10 discount (for a limited period of time only).

PS: To convert Adobe Captivate content to Flash Lite content, read this article.


Awesome! This is exciting. By the way, nicely done article.