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Adobe Captivate wins productivity Jolt award in utility category

Wow - I just saw a press release where the Jolt winners were announced and it looks like we won! This is fantastic :)

15. Utilities
Jolt Winner:
VMware Lab Manager (VMware)
Productivity Winners:
Adobe Captivate 2 (Adobe)
ElectricCommander (Electric Cloud)
Textmate (MacroMates)

The Jolt awards mean a lot in the software development field and Adobe Captivate can be used in many different ways by software developers. Here are just a few:
- demo new features (this is the obvious one)
- prototype new functionality and usability test without writing a single line of code (create mock images, drop them into Adobe Captivate, add interactivity, and show to users to see if they like or can use the feature or don't)
- use it for QA: if you have ever done QA or a beta test, you know that some testers report a bug like this "application crashed" - well, what really happened? Did it freeze? Was there an error message? What did the user actually do? Just have testers use Adobe Captivate and they can record the bugs and send them to the developers. No more ambiguity or long email conversations to figure out what happened.

Plus, you can use Adobe Captivate to enhance your Robohelp online help system.