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Create a Knowledge Base


The marketing manager for RoboHelp just sent me a link to our RoboHelp and Framemaker eseminars, which are a bit hidden on our site. To me, RoboHelp is not just an online help authoring tool. It's ideal to create an online performance support system or a knowledge base and here is why:

  • Editing is easy using a built in text editor (it's actually an HTML editor but you don't have to know HTML) or an HTML editor of your choice (you can also import existing word docs)
  • Content is organized and quickly accessible: A table of contents, index, and search are automatically created for you in a format that any computer user is already familiar with
  • You can include media such as images or Adobe Captivate demos
  • You can create any kinds of links including cross-linking to other topics/pages or linking to files on the web or even create hotspots on inserted images
  • Just in time information can be included via drop down text - your pages look clean and not overcrowded with info and learners can choose to drill down deeper
  • Context sensitivity is possible: You can link to particular topics from your intranet or work with your engineers who are developing inhouse applications
  • Use single sourcing to create different output formats (for web and print for example)

It's a great application I always enjoyed working with. I am glad Adobe instantly saw its value and released the new version :)