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Going Green


I am a regular reader of Inside Training, Training magazine's newsletter. In today's issue they have a story on two companies that asked their employees on their views on the environment (There's also a blog Easy being green?). More than half of the workers would want their company to be more environmentally friendly! Just a few days ago they also had an article "Greener Office" with great and very simple tips like having a recycling bin in everyone's office, turn off computers and power strips at night (hmm - our office room in San Diego is leased and definitely not a green building, many people here leave their lights on), and using scrap paper.

It's really not difficult to live and work green - so how do you motivate your employees to throw the soda can in the recycling bin instead of the trash can that is sitting right next to it??? Please submit a comment if you have an answer ...

How do you get your company to provide incentives for people that bicycle to work while many organizations don't even have a secure bike parking option?

Talking about bicycling - maybe upcoming bike to work day (May 18 in California) might make a difference in your organization. Check out Bicycle2Work.com, my little side project, where we have some free printable posters and ideas for your HR team (take a look at the organizer page).

Reading the "Greener Office" article, ClifBar is really taking it a above and beyond - most importantly, they are educating everyone on sustainability instead of only focusing on reducing their electric bill. Our Adobe buildings in San Jose are LEED certified and employees can apply for commuter checks (we definitely need more employee education). Another cool story is DivX going green. Would love to hear more stories of companies going above and beyond ...