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Learning Portal in Slovenia


3 years ago, a project called Piflar.com started in Slovenia, a small country in central Europe with about 2 million people. Today, you can find over 350 video tips (created with Adobe Captivate) for standard desktop software on this learning portal, which gets over 20,000 page views per month! (Example of Word 2007)

Jose Antonio Morales, who works on the project, told me how over time the project has changed quite dramatically from subscription based to completely free to the public. Among the reasons were these:

  • "When opening the contents of the portal we were able to track statistics that could be interesting for other companies. That means that we could get sponsors for contents and pages".
  • "Maximizing the number of visitors increases the chances of receiving feedback from them".
  • "Opening the contents helped us to find some content partners. For example we get partnership with non profit organizations that protect the rights of kids using the internet. Those partnerships improved business opportunities for other services we provide".

I love this success story and it's a win-win for everyone. Thanks Jose for prividing the link and the background info.