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May 29, 2007

Tip: Opening a file from a movie


How to open a file from within Adobe CaptivateI am registered to the Adobe Captivate list on Google Groups and a question came through today on how to access a PDF file from within a movie. Antony from the Matchett Group responded quickly with a JavaScript for Macromedia Captivate that opens a window at a specific size. Even though you can select New Window in Adobe Captivate 2, I do like the JavaScript since it gives you more control over the size of the window that opens. About an hour later, Antony completely blew me away with a cool little demo (including branching based on your product version) on how to use the window functionality.


Thanks Antony - first class rapid development!

May 25, 2007

Tip: Publishing a single SWF

This keeps coming up - Adobe Captivate content needs to be integrated with a tool that can only handle one SWF file. In version 2, we introduced skins with borders to enable playback controls to be placed outside of your content. This functionality is turned on by default but generates two SWF files.
To only publish a single SWF, simply uncheck Boders in the Skins dialog (You get to this dialog from the Publish dialog or the Project menu).

May 24, 2007

Tip: Creating Multiple Levels of Feedback


Adobe Captivate Visual Timeline It's pretty easy to do targeted feedback in Adobe Captivate. Simply use multiple click boxes within one slide. The click boxes are overlayed, offer only 1 attempt and are set to continue on incorrect clicks. On the correct click, they jump to the next slide. That way you can provide different levels of messages to your learners.

You can go a step beyond and also include some clickboxes with no action assigned but a success message. Change the look and feel of the message to look like a failure message and include specific feedback.

Here is an example - have fun.

May 18, 2007

eLearning industry overview, trends and emerging technologies


Dr. Ellen Wagner Dr. Ellen (this time a picture of her without the lobster hat) is hosting a free eseminar next Tuesday morning (May 22nd) about the eLearning industry. The analyst firm Bersin&Associates has conducted a study and Chris Howard, Principal Analyst, will show the results of the research. You are going to find out about emerging technologies and industry trends that you usually only have access to via paid reports. I think Ellen will also make one of her white papers available for attendees.

I already had a sneak at the data and it's very interesting. We have limited seating and I believe there are only about 100 seats left - you can still sign up or find out about other seminars on the bottom of our eLearning Solutions page.

PS: Today is bike to work day :) it was cool to see a ton of riders this morning!

May 16, 2007

Free Tutorials


Shreeram, our Product Manager, just sent me a link to www.video-tutes.com. It's a site dedicated to providing free video tutorials on major software applications. All the tutorials I watched were created in Adobe Captivate. Not sure who the author is but the tutorials are short (1-3 minutes) and there is even a first screen for each tutorial that provides the objective (sometimes in form of a scenario e.g. the art director is asking you to create a circle font for T-shirts).

May 14, 2007

Tip: Controlling Playback in Adobe Presenter

I had a customer meeting today where the question on controlling Adobe Captivate content inside an Adobe Presenter PPT presentation came up. This option is already available in Adobe Presenter :)

Publish your content without the playback controls from within Adobe Captivate (uncheck playbar in the skins options available via the publish dialog) and insert the SWF file into the slide using the Presenter PowerPoint plugin. Then check "Controlled by presentation playbar" in the Presentation Settings.
Or read the developer center article for more detail.

Hope this helps.

May 8, 2007

Adobe Captivate 3 will run on Vista

I keep getting questions from customers and sales if Adobe Captivate 3 will support Windows Vista.

The answer is yes :) and I am waiting for the support PDF to be updated with this info. Until that happens (might be a little while since our web team is focusing on our cool CS3 launch), I figure I simply blog to get the word out.

We are currently actively testing Adobe Captivate 3 Beta on Vista. Less then 10% of our beta testers are running Vista - so if you are not yet on our beta and you'd like to help us test Adobe Captivate on Vista, please complete our beta survey.

May 2, 2007

Looking for beta testers for Adobe Captivate 3

We are currently looking for people interested in testing the upcoming Adobe Captivate 3 beta version. We are going to select several hundred testers - if you are interested, please complete our survey by Thursday 5/3/07.

We are going to choose a wide variety of users with different backgrounds, organizations, projects, product experience, teams, etc.
It's going to be a great opportunity to provide feedback on our new feature sets.