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Adobe Captivate 3 will run on Vista

I keep getting questions from customers and sales if Adobe Captivate 3 will support Windows Vista.

The answer is yes :) and I am waiting for the support PDF to be updated with this info. Until that happens (might be a little while since our web team is focusing on our cool CS3 launch), I figure I simply blog to get the word out.

We are currently actively testing Adobe Captivate 3 Beta on Vista. Less then 10% of our beta testers are running Vista - so if you are not yet on our beta and you'd like to help us test Adobe Captivate on Vista, please complete our beta survey.


1. Are you still accepting applications to ba a beta tester for Captivate 3 on Vista?
SF: the survey is still open and we might invite more testers in a few weeks. Feel free to sign up :)

2. When is the planned release date for Captivate 3?
SF: We do not release this information.

Is there a cost for the beta version, or only if one chooses to buy the software after it's released?

SF: Participating in the beta is free. If you choose to purchase the software later on you can either upgrade (if you own Macromedia Captivate 1 or Adobe Captivate 2) or buy the full version. The beta version itself will expire when the product is released.

Does Captivate 2 play well with Vista? I'm preparing an online course for graduate students to start in January 08. Right now, I have Captivate 2 running under XP, but will get a new laptop in a few weeks with Vista.

SF: Adobe Captivate 2 is not supported to run on Vista. Adobe Captivate 3 will.

I notice the beta is closed, it the release of Captivate 3 coming soon?

I know you don't release actual dates but is it one or 3 months out?


PS: The beta is still running and we have many testers currently for Adobe Captivate 3. If you promise you'll test as many features as you can at least an hour a day for a week and you submit bug reports on a regular basis, we might make an exception :)

We would be happy if we could test the beta as well as we are urgently needing
a finished version to produce CBT software in cooperation with the German PC magazine COMPUTER BILD (courses for VISTA, Word and Excel).

Can you make another exception and let us know how we can get such beta? Thank you

SF: We should be able to get you in :)


We're a company that create Flash based demos for the software simulations market. We currently use ViewletBuilder. I downloaded Captivate and I can't wait to try version 3. We use Vista too - perhaps you can make an exception in our case and accept us now?

A beta? Please can you get us in??? We'll test any and all features! We are currently looking to either buy OnDemand (lots of money) or Captivate. However OnDemand works on Vista... Let me know.

Thanks Adobe!

SF: Let's see what we can do :)

Are you still accepting Beta testers for Captivate 3? We are very excited for the release! We are still using Captivate 1 on an XP machine because we had too much trouble with Captivate 2 on Vista. Look forward to the update!


SF: if you are going to submit bugs, then yes :)

Hi there, would i be able to get in on the Captivate 3 beta test? I'm currently in the middle of creating some help tutorials for my company and have RoboDEMO 5. I've downloaded the demo of Captivate 2 and it's great and i'd love to try out Captivate 3 to see how it handles things. I promise to submit bugs :)


SF: Ok Jeff - This is the last week we are adding testers so you barely got in ;)

I currently have Vista on a new toshiba laptop. I have been a system engineer and system analyst. Currently, I have my own training company and would appreciate being part of the beta testers. I will give you regular reports and recommendations.

John Jay

SF: If you recommend the tool to others, of course we add you to the beta ;) We need evangelists like you. How are you going to recommend it?

Hi, I am also interested of testing Captivate 3. I currently am doing software demos, capturing net meetings for screencasting at work using Captivate 2. Likewise, I am in the process of doing a business case of procuring Captivate 3 for my group as soon as it goes out and beta testing it would help facilitate my case. =^)

Thanks in advance.

Leo Primero
Senior Web/UI Designer/Developer
CheckFree Investment Services

Hello, we are using C2 now on XP but are in the middle of an upgrade cycle to Vista and are having trouble with C2. We are developing CBT's for a healthcare system and liked C2 a lot and have some materials developed already. We would like to try C3 as we are vista bound and will report any bugs or "features" as we find them! Thanks!

Oh man, is there any way to squeeze in another Vista CS3 Beta tester?? I know it's late... I had no idea you were asking for testers!

Pretty, pretty please?

Thanks in advance!

SF: we don't accept any more testers at this point :(

We would love to test Captivate 3 for you guys. We have approximately 20 trainers, all who are currently using Captivate 2. We are at present designing an enormous amount of training material using captivate 2. Please consider us as strong beta testers. Trust me, if it can be broken, we will find a way.

SF: we don't accept any more testers at this point :(

Hello, I am a corporate trainer. We have been on an initiative to develop all of our traiing in CBTs through Captivate. We enjoy the product and I am receiving a Vista image tomorrow. I am currently using Captivate 2 which one of my trainers uses on her Vista machine. The only problem she's experienced is she cannot open files created on an XP machine. I would love to beta test Captivate 3 and report any bugs found if you will allow me in.


SF: we don't accept any more testers at this point :(