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Tip: Publishing a single SWF

This keeps coming up - Adobe Captivate content needs to be integrated with a tool that can only handle one SWF file. In version 2, we introduced skins with borders to enable playback controls to be placed outside of your content. This functionality is turned on by default but generates two SWF files.
To only publish a single SWF, simply uncheck Boders in the Skins dialog (You get to this dialog from the Publish dialog or the Project menu).


I have a Captivate project with several swf movies embedded. The challenges are:
1. Publishing does not seem to go beyond 75%
2. Trying a smaller file with one video publishes ok. The thing is, when I copy the published files to another computer the video does not play.

Help please.

SF: Hi Anika, the best place to get support is via our knowledge base and forums at http://www.adobe.com/support/captivate/ or our support team - we have several different support plans available http://www.adobe.com/support/programs/captivate/?tab:plans=1