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ASTD Conference - first day

This was a loooooong day ... started out with a session by Jim Collins who wrote the bestselling book Good to Great. I liked his book in the first place and the session was a good refresher but he is also now looking at organizations that dropped from Great to Good and the 6 stages a company goes through. A company might still do really well on the outside while on the inside things are happening that will lead to rapid decline. Can't wait to read the new book ...
One of his comments today really struck me - the question "What's on your NOT to do list". Might be a good topic to talk to my manager about ;) So, what's on your not to do list?

Spent the rest of the day at the expo which is far too overwhelming and so far I haven't seen anything striking new ... I'll keep looking.

Our booth had a lot of traffic and we received many Adobe Captivate questions - one of the top ones was: Where do you get training on Adobe Captivate. Here are a few links:
- Free online seminars
- Free online tutorials and tips
- Training partners
- Online training and basic work book

Mark Oehlert also has a detailed writeup about yesterday's sessions.