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ASTD Conference - Info Overload


Today has been impressive and being a vendor, talking to customers and partners provides the most value to me. I have had a great lunchtime conversation with a consultant and a training manager for a large software company. Working for software companies, it was a surprise for both of us to hear from the consultant how often IT runs the show and makes business decisions for her clients. My problem is to reach SMEs since they are usually not in the learning field themselves and wouldn't even know a tool like Adobe Captivate even exists to make their lives easier - she responded that IT groups are a factor in that they don't want to control additional licenses outside the training group. I have also heard customers talk about limited bandwidth of 250k. It's tough for me to imagine a world where IT could limit the ability to do my job. Who is deciding what tools you use?

On the showfloor I heard the question on integrating games with Adobe Captivate - check out C3 Visuals. Their games work nicely within slides and I'll post a file once I have an example.

The last session I attended was by Fort Hill Company on accelerating the transfer and application of learning. It was more a sales pitch for their book The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development Into Business Results which is fine with me since I now know to better get it. They made a great learning transfer and application scorecard available - looking at the scorecard and assessing the Adobe Captivate sales training, I wished our own training folks were here ... There is a lot more we can do.

I had the chance to attend an event sponsored by Enspire Learning - a company I have always admired for the Executive Challenge leadership training they developed. If you want effective simulation based sales training, give them a call. I am working with them on some Adobe Captivate project sample projects we'll make available to you later this year.

I liked the world map with all the business cards from attendees posted on the different countries. It really showed how much of an international conference this is. Well done.

Not so well done was the conference event - they had a "party with the fish" at the aquarium and for $10 you could get a ticket with your conference pass. There was no indication that tickets would be limited so by the time I got in line, they were sold out. Oh - and then I heard rumors you got a refund if you couldn't get a ticket? For most people I know, going to a conference is work - it's training. Imagine you are offering bagels before you teach a class, except they are gone by the time learners arrive (and they are not even late) and you tell them the later they could have gotten donuts instead ... How will that impact your course evaluation?