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Easily add voice over - without recording yourself!


TextAloud screenshot to add voice over to Adobe Captivate contentMy friend Tricia at Qualcomm drew my attention to a low cost (only $29) text to speech tool called TextAloud from NextUp. She heard about it in a session at the eLearning Guild event last year.

It's a simple shareware tool that generates your voiceover from your text - copy and paste from Adobe Captivate and generate the MP3 file you can import to your slides. It's easy to use and I recommend you actually buy the AT&T voices - each is only $35 but worth it. You can check out the quality of these natural voices on the AT&T site.

What's In It For You:

  • include narration with different voices without having to find talents, especially when using multi-character scenarios
  • consistent recording levels on each slide and after script changes, which is difficult to achieve if you are not a recording pro with a pro voice talent
  • easy changes - you don't need to rerecord anything, just change the text and update the audio file*

Tricia said that she can do voice overs now in a third of the time it would take using her own voice.

If you know a good text to voice tool, please submit as a comment.

* There is a nifty feature in Adobe Captivate 2: When you import content, the library remembers where it came from. So if the original file changes (e.g. new audio), you can simply select the file name, right click and choose update.