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Running Adobe Captivate 2 on Vista

Although Adobe Captivate 2 is not supported on Vista, one of our sales engineers had it running this week at ASTD. Here are the steps (please understand that I quickly took notes and don't have Vista myself - there is no guarantee):

1. Control panel > access security and then security center > other security settings > turn off user access control.
2. Go to Adobe Captivate exe, right click > properties > compatibility tab > Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP.

Hope it works for you until Adobe Captivate 3 is out.


Hi Silke,

I've had it running for the past few months on a Sony UX1XN (32 bit Vista) and on a Dell 690 (64 bit processor running 32 bit Vista) only problem seems to be recording audio - everything else seems to run fine? Happy to provide more detailed specs to anyone interested.

It is running on every vista version, but the problem is to record audio.
So this is the reason, because I can't use it. Is there any sollution? Or does someone know another programm?

SF: Adobe Captivate 2?

I've been having trouble running Captivate 2 on Vista, even after the steps you suggest (runnning in XP mode). So I'm wondering if Adobe is planning on releasing a service pack for Vista compatibilty any time soon, or do we just need to wait for Captivate 3? Also, I know you don't want to talk Captivate 3 release dates, but do you have a projected timeframe, like 4th quarter 2007, first quarter 2008?

SF: Hi James, correct - we can't mention any dates but it's definitely this year :)